Posted on: August 31, 2008 12:57 pm

Fantasy College Football Likes and Dislikes

Alright here are the players that have played so far on my fantasy college football team that I like and dislike:


Mark Sanchez This guy was flat out amazing in USC's first game. If he can produce like this, then he's worth the Round 2 selection I used on him.

Casey James 21 points for a TE in a game? Sounds elite to me. This guy does everything.


Kenny Britt (hasn't played)

Tiquan Underwood (hasn't played)

San San Te( hasn't played)

Rutgers DST (hasn't played)

Ian Johnson played decent, but it wasn't stellar and it was against Idaho State.

Bryan Anderson same as Ian Johnson. Played decent but was versing Eastern Illinois.

Matt Grothe Same as the former two

Gent Cortez played up to expectations was a no.4 receiver

Jason Harmon didn't play

Mike Teel hasn't played


James Davis My no.2 RB earned a total of...2 points? that's terrible

C.J Spiller I know he's a backup but w/ Davis playing horribly, he followed suite? It was Alabama but still. Despicable.

Overall first week is looking good. I have to earn a combined eight points between Underwood, Britt, Te, and the Rutgers DST to win my H2H mathcup. Thank you for reading this.

Oh and I found this really cool football game. you should try it out.

Posted on: July 11, 2008 3:21 pm

Most Memorable Sports Game Seen?

What is the most memorable professional or college sports game that you have ever been to?

Mine has to be a Mets-Phillies game in Philadelphia I saw a few years ago. The Mets did lose, but Mike Piazza, my favorite player, hit a home run in the game. I beleive it was Piazza's last year with the Mets.

Another good one I saw was a Rutgers-South Florida College Basketball game I saw at the RAC. With about 20 seconds to go, RU was down 2 with the last possesion. It was a shame that they almost, but didn't quite, hit the game winning three. Still a competitive and exciting game, though.

So I repeat-what is the most memorable professional or college sports game that you have ever been to?

Posted on: February 19, 2008 5:07 pm

Totally Bizarre

This is bizarre. I was looking through my connections and kept info on the favorite teams of each person that friended me and joined because of me. (Keep in mind my favorite teams are the Colts, Mets, Nets, Devils, Rutgers Basketball, and Rutgers Football).

NFL: Colts:7 favorites, Broncos: 2 favs, Giants:1 fave, Browns: 1 fave, Steelers: 1 fave, Cheifs: 2 favs, Eagles: 2 favs, Jags: 1 fave, Raiders: 1 fave, Jets: 1 fave, Chargers: 1 fave.

NBA: Pacers: 2 favs, Bulls: 1 fav, Knicks: 2 favs, Magic: 2 favs, Nuggets: 1 fav, 76ers: 1 fav, Pistons: 1 fav, Celtics: 1 fav, Raptors: 1 fav, Lakers: 1 fav, Suns: 1 fav.

MLB: Pirates: 1 fav, Mets: 2 favs, Indians: 2 favs, Royals: 1 fav, Phillies: 2 favs, Yankees: 3 favs, Reds: 1 fav, Tigers: 2 favs, Orioles: 1 fav, Padres: 1 fav.

NHL: Flyers: 2 favs, Devils: 2 favs, Senators: 1 fav, Rangers: 2 favs, Bruins: 1 fav, Red Wings: 2 favs, Avalanche: 2 favs.

NCAAF: Purdue: 2 favs, Gators: 1 fav, South Carolina: 1 fav, Washington State: 1 fav, Oklahoma: 1 fav, Penn State: 1 fav, Indiana: 2 favs, LSU: 1 fav, Florida State: 1 fav, Colorado: 1 fav, Maryland: 2 favs, Michigan: 1 fav, Nebraska: 1 fav

NCAAB: Purdue: 2 favs, Gators: 1 fav, Syracuse: 1 fav, Wichita State: 1 fav, Pennsylvania: 1 fav, Indiana: 2 favs, Drake: 1 fav, Kentucky: 1 fav, Duke: 1 fav, Maryland: 1 fav, Xavier: 1 fav.

I just thought this was bizarre because only the Colts and the Devils leaded in these categories. And the Devils were tied.

I could do this only because I have 26 combined people that friended or joined because of me.    

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