Posted on: February 19, 2008 5:07 pm

Totally Bizarre

This is bizarre. I was looking through my connections and kept info on the favorite teams of each person that friended me and joined because of me. (Keep in mind my favorite teams are the Colts, Mets, Nets, Devils, Rutgers Basketball, and Rutgers Football).

NFL: Colts:7 favorites, Broncos: 2 favs, Giants:1 fave, Browns: 1 fave, Steelers: 1 fave, Cheifs: 2 favs, Eagles: 2 favs, Jags: 1 fave, Raiders: 1 fave, Jets: 1 fave, Chargers: 1 fave.

NBA: Pacers: 2 favs, Bulls: 1 fav, Knicks: 2 favs, Magic: 2 favs, Nuggets: 1 fav, 76ers: 1 fav, Pistons: 1 fav, Celtics: 1 fav, Raptors: 1 fav, Lakers: 1 fav, Suns: 1 fav.

MLB: Pirates: 1 fav, Mets: 2 favs, Indians: 2 favs, Royals: 1 fav, Phillies: 2 favs, Yankees: 3 favs, Reds: 1 fav, Tigers: 2 favs, Orioles: 1 fav, Padres: 1 fav.

NHL: Flyers: 2 favs, Devils: 2 favs, Senators: 1 fav, Rangers: 2 favs, Bruins: 1 fav, Red Wings: 2 favs, Avalanche: 2 favs.

NCAAF: Purdue: 2 favs, Gators: 1 fav, South Carolina: 1 fav, Washington State: 1 fav, Oklahoma: 1 fav, Penn State: 1 fav, Indiana: 2 favs, LSU: 1 fav, Florida State: 1 fav, Colorado: 1 fav, Maryland: 2 favs, Michigan: 1 fav, Nebraska: 1 fav

NCAAB: Purdue: 2 favs, Gators: 1 fav, Syracuse: 1 fav, Wichita State: 1 fav, Pennsylvania: 1 fav, Indiana: 2 favs, Drake: 1 fav, Kentucky: 1 fav, Duke: 1 fav, Maryland: 1 fav, Xavier: 1 fav.

I just thought this was bizarre because only the Colts and the Devils leaded in these categories. And the Devils were tied.

I could do this only because I have 26 combined people that friended or joined because of me.    

Posted on: February 15, 2008 11:11 pm

My Evaluation of the Rookie Challenge Players

This is what i thought of each player based on their performance:

Mike Conley: Why is this guy in the NBA? He should have stayed in college.

Juan Carlos Navarro:He can shoot. There's not much too him besides that. He won't be a future star.

Al Horford: This guy is really good. There's a reason he was the only of the Gator trio invited to this and he proved it tonight.

Sean Williams: Really hustles. Does it on both ends. No idea how he will be in the future. But he is very good.

Yi Jianlian: Very good. Could polish his game, but definetely has potential to be a superstar.

Kevin Durant: Made some Rookie mistakes, but was fine otherwise.

Jeff Green: Averege.

Greg Oden: Injured

Jamario Moon:Amazing. A total athlete. One of the best all-around players. Can't wait to see him in the dunk contest.

Louis Scola: Didn't see much of him. But what I did see from him was bad. 


Daniel Gibson: Amazing. Shoots threes with ease. Would be a great SG if he had height. But has to learn point to be sucessful in the NBA.

LaMarcus Aldridge: Very Good. He has the potential to be very dominate.

Brandon Roy: Awesome. Most likely to be a superstar in the future out of this group.

Andrea Bargnani:Average. He bores me. At least he has some ability.

Jordan Farmar: Impressive. He has potetial to be a factor for the Lakers.

Rajon Rondo: Good. His passing impressed me.

Rudy Gay: Great shooting. Plays with energy.

Ronnie Brewer: Is awesome at dunks and threes.

Paul Millsap: Didn't see much of him.  

I hope you like my evaluation.


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