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Posted on: December 19, 2008 11:54 pm

Top Ten NFL MVP Contenders

There have been en standout players in the NFL this season. The criteria for MVP is the player who demonstrates importance(think Albert Haynesworth), stats, team performance, and news making(good news). Here are the Top Ten Contenders and why they are here(no particular order):

Peyton Manning:Stats, Team Performance, Importance,News Making

Kurt Warner:Importance, Team Performance, Stats

Albert Haynesworth: Importance, Stats, Team Performance

Drew Brees:Stats, News Making

James Harrison:Team Performance, Stats

Adrian Peterson:Importance, Stats, News Making, partially team performance

DeAngelo Willimas: Stats, Team Performance

Eli Manning: News Making, Team Performance, Importance, Stats

Brett Favre:Team Performance, Importance, News Making

Clinton Portis: Stats, Importance

Honorable Mentions:

Tony Romo: News Making, Importance, Stats

Matt Ryan: Team Performance, News Making, Importance, partially stats

Ray Lewis: Importance, Team Performance, Partially stats

This is why these players are here. So here's the question...out of the Top 10..who should be the NFL MVP?  Give your vote and shortly explain why.

Personally, I vote for Peyton Manning because he has decent stats, has guided the Colts to a bajillion straight wins even though they've been injury plagued, and had almost no practice in the preseason and has still performed. 

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