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Posted on: February 19, 2008 5:07 pm

Totally Bizarre

This is bizarre. I was looking through my connections and kept info on the favorite teams of each person that friended me and joined because of me. (Keep in mind my favorite teams are the Colts, Mets, Nets, Devils, Rutgers Basketball, and Rutgers Football).

NFL: Colts:7 favorites, Broncos: 2 favs, Giants:1 fave, Browns: 1 fave, Steelers: 1 fave, Cheifs: 2 favs, Eagles: 2 favs, Jags: 1 fave, Raiders: 1 fave, Jets: 1 fave, Chargers: 1 fave.

NBA: Pacers: 2 favs, Bulls: 1 fav, Knicks: 2 favs, Magic: 2 favs, Nuggets: 1 fav, 76ers: 1 fav, Pistons: 1 fav, Celtics: 1 fav, Raptors: 1 fav, Lakers: 1 fav, Suns: 1 fav.

MLB: Pirates: 1 fav, Mets: 2 favs, Indians: 2 favs, Royals: 1 fav, Phillies: 2 favs, Yankees: 3 favs, Reds: 1 fav, Tigers: 2 favs, Orioles: 1 fav, Padres: 1 fav.

NHL: Flyers: 2 favs, Devils: 2 favs, Senators: 1 fav, Rangers: 2 favs, Bruins: 1 fav, Red Wings: 2 favs, Avalanche: 2 favs.

NCAAF: Purdue: 2 favs, Gators: 1 fav, South Carolina: 1 fav, Washington State: 1 fav, Oklahoma: 1 fav, Penn State: 1 fav, Indiana: 2 favs, LSU: 1 fav, Florida State: 1 fav, Colorado: 1 fav, Maryland: 2 favs, Michigan: 1 fav, Nebraska: 1 fav

NCAAB: Purdue: 2 favs, Gators: 1 fav, Syracuse: 1 fav, Wichita State: 1 fav, Pennsylvania: 1 fav, Indiana: 2 favs, Drake: 1 fav, Kentucky: 1 fav, Duke: 1 fav, Maryland: 1 fav, Xavier: 1 fav.

I just thought this was bizarre because only the Colts and the Devils leaded in these categories. And the Devils were tied.

I could do this only because I have 26 combined people that friended or joined because of me.    

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