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Posted on: February 15, 2008 11:11 pm

My Evaluation of the Rookie Challenge Players

This is what i thought of each player based on their performance:

Mike Conley: Why is this guy in the NBA? He should have stayed in college.

Juan Carlos Navarro:He can shoot. There's not much too him besides that. He won't be a future star.

Al Horford: This guy is really good. There's a reason he was the only of the Gator trio invited to this and he proved it tonight.

Sean Williams: Really hustles. Does it on both ends. No idea how he will be in the future. But he is very good.

Yi Jianlian: Very good. Could polish his game, but definetely has potential to be a superstar.

Kevin Durant: Made some Rookie mistakes, but was fine otherwise.

Jeff Green: Averege.

Greg Oden: Injured

Jamario Moon:Amazing. A total athlete. One of the best all-around players. Can't wait to see him in the dunk contest.

Louis Scola: Didn't see much of him. But what I did see from him was bad. 


Daniel Gibson: Amazing. Shoots threes with ease. Would be a great SG if he had height. But has to learn point to be sucessful in the NBA.

LaMarcus Aldridge: Very Good. He has the potential to be very dominate.

Brandon Roy: Awesome. Most likely to be a superstar in the future out of this group.

Andrea Bargnani:Average. He bores me. At least he has some ability.

Jordan Farmar: Impressive. He has potetial to be a factor for the Lakers.

Rajon Rondo: Good. His passing impressed me.

Rudy Gay: Great shooting. Plays with energy.

Ronnie Brewer: Is awesome at dunks and threes.

Paul Millsap: Didn't see much of him.  

I hope you like my evaluation.


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